Alerzo Lays off 285 employees


Nigerian-based B2B e-commerce platform Alerzo which digitizes commerce and payments between FMCG suppliers and informal retailers has cut off 15% of its full-time staff.

Alerzo, a first-party e-commerce company, had over 2,000 employees (half of whom worked full-time) across Nigeria until the initial layoffs in September, which hit 5% of its full-time personnel.

Nevertheless, the startup’s second round of layoffs affected 15% of its full-time employees across multiple areas, leaving approximately 800 staff. We were unable to confirm how many part-time and temporary employees were laid off in both layoffs.

A second layoff isn’t out of the question for Alerzo, which serves over 100,000 merchants. According to a company representative, Alerzo broke even in Q3 2021, before the startup, which was only present in Ibadan and Lagos at the time, launched a large increase and over-hired nationally, aided by its $10 million+ Series A financing round.

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