Amplitude to layoff 13% Workforce – 99 Employees

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Amplitude, a leading digital analytics platform, has announced that it will be reducing its global team by 13%. The decision will impact 99 employees, primarily from the GTM organization, product development, the CFO organization, and the people & places team. The impacted employees have been notified and are being invited to 1:1 meetings to discuss the transition.

In a statement to its employees, Amplitude co-founders Spenser Skates, Curtis Liu, and Jeffrey Wang said that the decision was not an easy one to make. They acknowledged that the responsibility for the decision lies solely on themselves, and that the decision was necessary for the company to continue its growth, investment, and expansion plans.

Amplitude has always been disciplined in its approach to growth, investment, and expansion. However, the company is not immune to the macroeconomic environment and headwinds faced by its customers. After evaluating multiple options, the company had to take these steps to enable it to scale for the future, continue on its path to profitability, and deliver on its long-term vision.

Amplitude has promised to provide support to those impacted by the layoffs. The support includes severance pay, continued health benefits, equity vesting, workplace transition services and support, IT equipment, and immigration support for foreign nationals.

The decision to lay off employees is a difficult one for any company to make. However, Amplitude’s co-founders have promised that the company will continue to move forward and realize its full potential. The digital analytics category is still in its early days, and Amplitude sees a lot of potential in this space. The company remains committed to its long-term vision and is expected to share more about its plans in the weeks ahead.

In conclusion, while the decision to lay off employees is never an easy one, it is sometimes necessary for companies to achieve their long-term goals. Amplitude’s decision to reduce its global team by 13% will undoubtedly be a challenging time for those impacted by the layoffs. However, the company’s commitment to providing support and its focus on continuing to realize its long-term vision should provide some comfort to its remaining employees and customers.

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