Automox lays off more than 18% of its Workforce

Automox, the boulder Colorado Based company that provides cloud native IT operations has laid off more than 18% of employees, around 75 employees.

This is their second round of layoffs after the initial round that happened in the second week of April laying off more than 10% of its staff.

The company has made a statement regarding the staff cuts on its LinkedIn profile announcing that the decision was due to dire economic conditions up ahead – it is unclear how many were exactly impacted by these layoffs, but a few employees have taken up to create a talent database of laid off employees which includes 60+ individuals as of this article was written.

“Today, due to the broader economic climate, we parted ways with a number of our very talented people. While Automox continues to be a growing business in a strong financial position, we are not immune to the challenges of the macroeconomic environment. We greatly appreciate the work, dedication and contributions of those impacted. Please join all of us at Automox as we open our networks to help these talented individuals find their next opportunity.”

Many of the employees impacted by these layoffs have taken to post their stories on LinkedIn, the professional social network. The layoffs seem to have happened across the departments, Sales, Engineering, and Marketing.

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