ChowNow lays off 20% Workforce – 100 Employees

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Chownow – the restaurant online ordering system company has undergone layoffs letting go of 100 employees across the company.

The layoffs were first reported by TechCrunch – the impacted employees were let know of this development in an internal memo. Most of the laid-off employees seem to have belonged to Onboarding, Operations and Sales.

“We, like every company, plan our annual budgets far ahead of the upcoming year. The budget we planned for 2022 was large and ambitious. Since then the economy and capital markets have changed, and so it’s prudent that we adjust as well,” CEO Chris Webb told TechCrunch via email. 

Chris Webb – the founder and CEO launched ChowNow in 2010 to ease the ability to easily order delivery and pickup from small restaurants without an online presence. The Company operates branded restaurant websites, apps, and social media accounts, as well as its own mobile and web ordering portals.

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