CNN – 2nd round of Layoffs

CNN is laying off hundreds of employees in a cost-cutting effort that illuminates the financial challenges facing a wide range of media companies as the economy teeters toward a possible recession.

The cuts began on Wednesday, affecting mostly paid commentators, and are intended to finish on Thursday, once all affected employees are notified in person or via Zoom.

“It is incredibly hard to say goodbye to any one member of the CNN team,” CNN chief executive Chris Licht wrote in a Wednesday staff memo obtained by The Washington Post, describing the cuts as a “gut punch.”

Chris Cillizza, who joined CNN as a politics reporter and editor-at-large in 2017, confirmed to The Post that he has been laid off. Susan Glasser, a CNN global affairs analyst, also said that she was “one of many” part-time commentators affected by the cuts. Rachel Metz, a senior technology writer, said she was “devastated” to have been laid off on Thursday.

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