Disqo Lays of 20% Workforce

Disqo, Glendale-based customer intelligence company’s undergone a reduction in force, early last week. Letting go of 20% of its overall workforce, impacting close to 100 employees.

In an internal memo seen by layoffstracker, the layoff information was shared with the affected employees on 1st of November. Here is a copy of the email.

Effective Date: November 01, 2022

Explanation: DISQO, Inc. (the “Company’) is reducing its workforce to reduce costs, eliminate overlapping functions, and to meet the general operational needs of the Company. The Company considered the following factors when deciding which positions would be affected: (1) the future needs of the Company for the duties performed by the position; (2) whether the functions of the position could be assumed by an employee in a different position; (3) the education and experience of the employee currently in the position; and (4) the performance of the employee currently holding the position.
All of the employees whose positions are affected will be offered a severance package in exchange for their agreement to a general release of claims.

Pursuant to federal law, employees over the age of 40 will be allowed to consider their release agreements for 45 days and, after the agreement is executed, may revoke the agreement within 7 days. Employees under the age of 40 will have 5 business days to consider their release agreements but may not revoke their release agreements once they are signed.

In layoff situations where an employer offers release packages to a group of employees, employment laws require the employer to disclose certain information to the affected employees over the age of 40 who are considering the release. The Agreement of which this document is a part satisfies this disclosure requirement. The table below identifies every position in the affected employee’s decisional unit within the Company, the age of the person holding the position, and whether the individual’s position is affected.

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