Esme Learning Layoffs

Esme Learning – The Ed-Tech startup that provides AI powered digital learning platform supporting leading universities’ executive education courses. Founded by David L. Shrier & Beth Porter announced it will be reorganizing the team and will be laying off some full-time employees as part of the restructuring.

In a recent announcement on the company’s blog, David Shrier the CEO goes on to mention –

“Shifting market dynamics are influencing the consumer-facing EdTech sector reducing consumer demand across the board. In tandem with these consumer changes, Esme is seeing a 10X increase in business to business (B2B) and business to government (B2G) interest and opportunities. We are finalizing a platform for more than 400 million potential learners that we are calling the Esme Network.”

and Speaking about the growth – “Our B2B and B2G pipeline is now demanding significantly more time, attention, and resources than ever before. As such, we are reorienting the organization to best serve this demand, which unfortunately means reducing the size of our team to enable a greater refocus on B2B, B2G, and the Esme Network.”

Link to the detailed statement from the CEO –

The final number of laid-off employees isn’t known yet. Keep a tab on this article and visit for more information.


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