Flyhomes – 2nd Round of Layoffs

FlyHomes, Seattle-based real estate tech startup has undergone 2nd round of layoffs in less than 6 months.

Though the total number of impacted employees is yet unclear, we understand that this has been a widespread layoff affected departments across the company – Engineering, Product, Marketing & Recruitment.

Flyhomes has been part of the real estate chain of layoffs happening this week followed by OpenDoor, Redfin, AvantStay & More. Which is zooming on the trouble brewing in the Housing Sector.

Company’s Official Statement on the Layoffs

We are deeply saddened to share that today we are saying goodbye to many of our beloved teammates at Flyhomes. 

Building the world’s best home buying and selling experience can only happen if we continue to adapt to the rapidly shifting market conditions, and take the necessary, albeit painful steps, to preserve capital through uncertain economic conditions to ensure the long term trajectory of the company. The reality is, the housing sector is now in a recession, and the latest reports show that the market is expected to continue cooling for longer than anyone initially predicted. 

To everyone leaving us today, we are eternally grateful to them for their contributions. They worked tirelessly to build this company and the Flyhomes story will forever be a part of their legacy. They are amazing people who came to Flyhomes because they wanted to solve really hard problems and don’t back down from a challenge. Today neither changes those facts, nor is it a reflection of the talent, skill, and passion they bring to the world. 

There is no good way to conduct this process, but we are doing our best to treat everyone with sensitivity and respect and to do what we can to help, including severance packages and transition support for all those impacted. 

For anyone who comes across this post looking for talent or knows someone hiring, please consider these folks for your roles; you’ll be lucky to have them.

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