Gameloft Lays off 100 employees


The French gaming giant, Gameloft, has reportedly shut down its office in Budapest, Hungary, which appears to have been a sudden decision. Speculation suggests that the company is shifting its focus towards developing more console and PC titles. Gameloft’s decision also resulted in the layoff of 100 employees

The French developer’s Budapest office, which had been focusing on free-to-play mobile games since its opening in 2012, was suddenly shut down recently. This move suggests that the company may be decreasing its involvement in mobile game development activities, even though it has been operating in the mobile gaming industry for over a decade.

Gameloft has reportedly decided to shut down its Budapest office in order to narrow its focus on the PC and console segments, with the aim of increasing its growth potential. This move requires the company to refocus some of its resources and investments, and as a result, it will allegedly be placing less emphasis on the mobile game industry, which it has been a part of since its inception in 1999, according to the Hungarian outlet HVG.

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