GoDaddy Lays off 530 employees


GoDaddy, a well-known web services provider, has recently laid off 8% of its workforce, equating to a total of 530 employees.

The CEO of a well-known company, GoDaddy, recently announced that the company is planning to reduce its global team by 8%, affecting approximately 530 employees out of a total workforce of 6,611. In the next hour, impacted employees will receive an invitation from their leadership to discuss the details of their transition, in accordance with local employment processes.

In addition to the details of their transition process, the CEO of GoDaddy, Bhutani, announced that impacted team members will receive a comprehensive transition package, including extended healthcare benefits. For laid-off staff in the United States, there will also be 12 weeks of paid administrative leave provided, along with continued core benefits coverage. This shows that the company is committed to supporting its employees during this difficult time and helping them make a smooth transition.

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