Gusto Lays off 126 employees – 5% workforce


Gusto announced layoffs for 126 employees from their company, meaning that they will be around 5% of the workforce from their total headcount.

Gusto CEO Josh Reeves sent the following email to all of Gusto “Company-building is about driving meaningful impact for those we serve, which includes navigating meaningful change. And, without question, one of the hardest changes is letting people go. Today, I’ve made the decision to let go of 126 Gusties, which represents 5% of the company. All Gusties will get a follow-up email in the next few minutes letting you know if you have been impacted or not by this layoff. If you have been impacted, the email will be sent to your personal email account and it will include details of your severance offering and the next steps. Every impacted Gustie will have the option to have a conversation with their org leader and a people partner today as well.”

What Gusto does – payroll, health benefits, employee onboarding, tax credits, remote hiring, and more is core to every business. And it’s never mattered more than it does today for the hundreds of thousands of small-and-medium businesses we serve. For the past few years in particular, those businesses have had to adapt to many challenging circumstances, and Gusties have been hard at work to help them each step of the way. Our existing customers use Gusto more than ever before, and we’ve more than doubled the number of customers on Gusto during one of the most difficult periods to run a business. As usage and revenue accelerated, we hired aggressively to meet customer demand and invest in new products and services.

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