Linkedin to layoff 716 Employees – Around 5% of workforce


LinkedIn is set to undergo significant changes, with around 5% of its workforce, or 716 roles, being impacted. In an internal email from LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky, the company outlined plans to restructure its Global Business Organization (GBO) and China strategy.

The restructuring aims to enhance growth and agility, and refocus the company’s efforts to better support customers. LinkedIn plans to integrate teams more closely, reduce management layers, and expand the use of vendors to serve emerging and growth markets. This will enable the company to streamline decision-making and adapt to shifts in customer behavior and slower revenue growth.

As part of this restructuring, over 250 new roles will be created in specific segments of operations, new business, and account management teams, starting on May 15.

LinkedIn is also shifting its focus in China, with a new strategy to assist companies operating in China to hire, market, and train abroad. The Talent, Marketing, and Learning businesses will be maintained, while LinkedIn’s local jobs app in China, InCareer, will be phased out by August 9, 2023.

These changes mark a new direction for LinkedIn’s growth and development in FY24 and beyond, with a focus on reorganizing how work gets done, becoming more agile, and aligning teams for growth. The company is committed to adapting its strategy to remain competitive and effective in a rapidly changing market.

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