Malwarebytes Lays Off 100 Employees in 2nd round

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Cybersecurity giant Malwarebytes laid off 100 employees this week, the latest round of cuts in a year that has seen the company restructure and struggle to compete with larger rivals.

The layoffs come just weeks after the company’s chief product officer, chief information officer, and chief technology officer were let go. Malwarebytes CEO Marcin Kleczynski confirmed to TechCrunch that the layoffs affected predominantly corporate employees. He said the layoffs were part of a plan to separate the company into two separate business units, but denied that it planned to sell any part of the business.

The split — which was not previously made public — will see Malwarebytes separate its consumer and corporate-facing business units. The consumer business will focus on tools such as identity protection and VPN, while the remaining business will focus on enterprise-facing software like managed and endpoint detection.

Kleczynski told TechCrunch that the latest round layoffs, which affected Malwarebytes employees globally, were an exercise in rationalizing expenditures. Kleczynski said Malwarebytes continues to be “healthy and profitable.”

However, the layoffs have raised concerns about the future of Malwarebytes. The company has been struggling to compete with larger rivals like Symantec and McAfee.

It is unclear how the restructuring will affect Malwarebytes’ long-term prospects. However, the layoffs are a sign that the company is facing some challenges.

The layoffs come at a time when the cybersecurity industry is facing a number of challenges. The market is increasingly crowded, and competition is fierce. In addition, the industry is facing a skills shortage, as there are not enough qualified cybersecurity professionals to meet the demand.

The layoffs at Malwarebytes are a reminder of the challenges that the cybersecurity industry is facing. It remains to be seen how the company will fare in the long run.

The tone of the rewritten article is more somber and focused on the impact of the layoffs on the employees affected. The article also highlights the challenges that the cybersecurity industry is facing.

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