Mercari to layoff 20% U.S. Workforce

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Mercari, the popular online marketplace, has announced that it will be laying off 20% of its U.S.-based workforce. In addition, 60% of the roles in the U.S.@Tokyo team will be shifted to Mercari Japan. The decision comes as Mercari aims to stabilize its business and position itself for long-term growth in a highly competitive market.

Mercari’s LinkedIn profile indicates that the company currently employs 655 individuals in the U.S. Based on this information, it is estimated that approximately 130 positions could be affected as part of this layoff.

The news was shared with employees in an email from the U.S. Executive Team, which explained that the company had to align its staffing needs with projected revenue and profit. While Mercari has been working to enhance its value proposition and product experience, the decision to reduce the workforce was deemed a necessary step to right-staff the business for the future.

Employees whose roles have been impacted will receive one-on-one meetings to address next steps, as their access to IT systems will be removed in accordance with security protocols. The email also mentioned that Mercari will be focusing on growing the under $50 marketplace, retaining and engaging users, and implementing revenue-generating initiatives to drive the company’s success in the U.S. market.

While the U.S.@Tokyo team will be streamlined, the email emphasized that they are still a crucial part of Mercari’s operations and will play a pivotal role in aligning the company with its global vision while tailoring the product for the U.S. market. The email also expressed gratitude to colleagues who will be leaving the company, acknowledging their contributions and expressing confidence in Mercari’s ability to seize opportunities in the future.

The email concluded with a message of optimism, stating that Mercari is on the right path and has a talented and resilient team in place to propel the company into the future. Employees were encouraged to reach out to their functional leaders with any questions.

The layoffs at Mercari are undoubtedly a difficult development for the affected employees and the company as a whole.

Mercari, founded in 2013, is a Japanese e-commerce platform that allows users to buy and sell a wide range of items, including electronics, clothing, and home goods. The company has gained popularity for its user-friendly interface and convenient mobile app, which has helped it become one of the leading online marketplaces in Japan and expand its operations globally, including in the United States.

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