Mindstrong Lays off 128 employees


The Menlo Park startup is shuttering its headquarters and laying off 128 workers based there, including its CEO, its head of people, AJ Ruiz, said in a letter to state employment officials last week. The company will begin cutting staff on March 24 and expects to complete the layoffs by April 15, Ruiz said in her letter, which was made public Thursday.

“The company employee terminations that will occur as part of this action are expected to be permanent, and the company headquarters will be closed in connection with this action,” she said.

In the wake of that notice to patients, CEO Michelle Wagner declined to comment Tuesday on the company’s future or whether it would be cutting jobs. Wagner, who is among those who Ruiz said will be losing their jobs, didn’t immediately respond Thursday to a request for comment about the company’s layoff notification.

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