Newsela to layoff 102 employees, around 15% workforce

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Newsela, a digital news and literacy company, announced on Tuesday that it would be laying off 102 employees, or 15% of its workforce. The layoffs come as the company faces financial challenges.

In a LinkedIn post by Director Ethan Kahn, Kahn said on referring to the layoffs “Yesterday was an incredibly challenging day for the 100+ of us affected by the #layoffs at Newsela.”

The layoffs come as Newsela faces increasing competition from other digital news and literacy companies. In recent years, Newsela has also faced criticism for its content, which has been accused of being biased and inaccurate.

Employees at Newsela reacted with shock and sadness to the news of the layoffs. Many employees took to social media to express their disappointment.

“Today was a really really hard day,” one employee shared. “I wish everyone who remains at Newsela well, and everyone who has departed luck.  And now, I’m ready to make a difference somewhere else!. “

Another employee said that the layoffs were “Today would have been my 6th-year anniversary at Newsela unfortunately, last Thursday I and 101 other Newselites became “un-jobbed” as a friend of mine said..”

It remains to be seen how Newsela will fare in the future. The company faces a number of challenges, including financial difficulties, increased competition, and criticism of its content. However, Newsela has a strong team of employees and a commitment to its mission. It is possible that the company will be able to overcome these challenges and continue to be a successful player in the digital news and literacy market.

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