Noom Lays off 500 Employees – 10% Workforce

Noom, a health coaching platform valued at $3.7 billion last year, is laying off a portion of staff for the second time in a matter of months, TechCrunch has learned from sources.

Noom has laid off 10% of its staff, or around 500 people, which is a reduction that mostly impacts its coaching team. It’s the second layoff impacting Noom’s coaching team in a matter of months, impacting hundreds of employees. Sources say that Noom has nearly halved its number of coaches since the beginning of the year, which looks to currently be around 1,000 coaches.

“Noom has experienced extraordinary growth over the past several years, and it’s essential that we are structured in a way that enables us to continue growing over the long term,” a Noom spokesperson said over e-mail. “We recently made the difficult decision to reduce the number of Noom employees. We are deeply grateful for their contributions to Noom, and we wish them continued success.” Noom declined to answer questions regarding scale of layoffs, separation packages and strategy beyond this statement.

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