Nymbus Lays off 15% Workforce

Nymbus, the Fintech firm based out of Jacksonville, Florida has undergone around us layoffs impacting 15% of the workforce.

As per the sources, the company’s CEO Jeffrey Kendall had announced the layoffs to the impacted employees through a zoom call on Wednesday, June 15.

Though the company hasn’t released an official statement yet, many of the impacted employees have reached out to layoffstracker with the same information.

The Florida-based company has around 300 employees as per the information on its LinkedIn page. If the number is correct 15% layoff of the total workforce, Would have impacted close to 45 employees.

Nymbus was founded by Scott killoh in 2015 and is currently a Minority Shareholder of the company, after the shake-up in management with the new CEO and CFO in 2020.

Layoffstracker has reached out to the company for confirmation and hasn’t received any update as of this article.

*Corrected about Scott Killoh’s current position with the company – Jun 17

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