OneTrust shutsdown Planetly – Lays off 200 Employees

Planetly, which was acquired by Onetrust in December of 2021 has been announced to cease operations and shutdown, the move that will affect around 200 employees.

Company’s co-founder Anna Alex took to Linkedin to share the news –

The sale of Planetly to US-based OneTrust a year ago was a very challenging step for me. I believe that Impact = Purpose + Scale. OneTrust meant global scale overnight.

Very surprisingly, OneTrust has now taken the sad decision to close the Planetly GmbH and let go of all 200 employees. From several customer discussions it became clear that it makes sense to closely merge Carbon Accounting and an ESG solution and to integrate the software into OneTrust’s Trust Intelligence ecosystem.

This is sad news for every single person who put all their knowledge, energy, heart and soul into the development of our product, and also for Benedikt and myself. The closing of Planetly is also the ending of our engagement in the company.

I would like to thank each and every employee here – for all the love, dedication and confidence – you all made Planetly what it is, was and always will be for us. You have done something that benefits humanity and our planet. For many, it was the first job in a company with such a strong purpose. And I am sure it will not be the last.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart and now my main focus will be to accompany, support and offer my help to all the great minds of the Planetly team on their new paths.

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