Owlet lays off 30% Workforce – 75 Employees

Owlet Baby Care – Lehi, Utah-based baby monitor & accessories company has undergone layoffs letting go 30% of its overall workforce ~ around 75 Employees.

Though the company hasn’t made any public announcement yet, we can confirm the layoffs from the impacted employee’s stories as shared on Linkedin.

Multiple teams have been impacted by these layoffs – Product, Software, Recruiting & Accounting.

Owlet is a publicly traded company (NYSE: OWLT) currently trading at $2.13 as of this article from its high of $10+, taking a beating along with the rest of the market.

Owlet was founded by Kurt Workman, Jordan Monroe, Zach Bomsta & Jacob Colvin in 2013 and is now dedicated to improving infant health among their other products.

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