Tencent Lays off 100 employees

Tencent fired more than 100 people and blacklisted 23 firms last year in fighting bribery and embezzlement. Tencent Holdings said on Monday that it fired more than 100 employees for bribery and embezzlement last year, and it blocked 23 companies from doing business with the Chinese social media and video gaming giant.

The scope of internal corruption appeared more severe than in 2021 when it affected nearly 70 staff and blacklisted 13 firms in its anti-corruption campaign.

Some corruption cases last year included employees of its Platform and Content Group, responsible for Tencent’s news portal, and staff of its flagship Timi and Lightspeed gaming studios, who were found to have accepted bribes or stolen company property, according to a WeChat post by the company’s anti-graft department.

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