Twitter Lays off 200 employees


On Saturday night, Twitter reportedly laid off at least 200 employees, which is around 10 percent of its remaining workforce. The move is part of Elon Musk’s efforts to reduce costs since acquiring the social media platform in October. Twitter’s workforce has already been reduced from approximately 7,500 employees to about 2,000.

Three sources familiar with the matter have reportedly confirmed to The New York Times that Twitter’s workforce has been reduced by 10 percent. Last week, The Information also reported that Twitter had fired 50 people from the Sales and Products team.

After a week in which Twitter made it challenging for its employees to communicate with each other, the company has reportedly carried out a new round of layoffs. Last week, Twitter took its internal messaging service, Slack, offline, making it impossible for employees to chat with each other or access company data.

By Sunday morning, it became apparent that the job cuts at Twitter were significant, according to the report. Employees used the social media platform to share farewell messages while those who remained tried to figure out who else was left by using encrypted messaging services like Signal.

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