Uber Lays off 60 Employees – To shutdown office in Lithuania

Uber is closing its engineering office in Vilnius, Lithuania, letting go of 60 employees the company communicated on Thursday, Sep 8.

Most of the employees affected by this round of layoffs seem to be from Product & Development teams. News, first confirmed by a Linkedin source mentions that “Uber is closing its engineering office in Vilnius, Lithuania. The decision impacts about 60 software engineers. The decision was communicated in what is a considerate manner, giving ample heads up.”

“On Wednesday, 7th of September, Uber’s leadership announced the Vilnius site would be permanently closed. The directors of their respective teams came to the office to share the sad news that Vilnius, as an engineering site, will be closed down. The reason? Lack of local, senior leadership.”

Uber is handling the closing of the office in a considerate way. There are no layoffs on the spot, and nothing is rushed. The site will close in June 2023 – almost a year away. Uber will support people who want to relocate and move to other offices of their choice. The performance review process will run its course in early 2023, and bonuses will be paid around March 2023.

Source – https://www.linkedin.com/posts/gergelyorosz_uber-lithuania-softwareengineering-activity-6973669838502187009-aK1z?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_desktop

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