Valemobi Lays off 10% Workforce – Trademap

Valemobi – Sao Paulo-based financial company that also owns and operates Trademap has decided to let go 10% of its workforce.

Valemobi hasn’t released an official statement on the number of employees impacted, though we see stories shared by impacted employees on LinkedIn & LayoffsBrasil has compiled a list of employees impacted by the cuts.

So far, the number seems to be 36 employees – which represents 10% of Valemobi’s workforce as mentioned on their LinkedIn page as of this article.

Valemobi operates in two financial demographics – Providing B2B technology solutions for Workers, Managers, Administrators, and retail investors through their sub app – TradeMap. Though the retail app was launched later, its revenue was expected to surpass its B2B side by the end of this year.

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