Zendesk Lays off 5% Workforce

Zendesk, an SFO-based CRM company that was acquired for $10.2 billion by a consortium of private equity firms early in June of this year has undergone a round of layoffs today.

As per reports on Blind and Twitter, the company has announced letting go 5% of its overall workforce impacting around 350 Employees.

The employees impacted were notified by the respective managers and HR team in a 1:1 setup and the company is yet to release an official statement as of this article. This move has impacted roles from several departments across the company including Engineering, Sales & Recruitment.

Zendesk which has been in a downward spiral since the end of last year had turned down an offer to be acquired for $17.x bn in February of this year, only to be bought by a private investment firm for $10.2 bn in June.

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