Amazon lays off 50% workforce in AMP Radio – 150 Employees

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Amazon’s plan to “reimagine radio” has run into a bit of static as the company is making staff cuts at Amp, the app it launched earlier this year.

Business Insider first reported the news on Friday and said “roughly 150 people,” or half of the division, were let go. Amazon would not comment on any figures when contacted by GeekWire.

“At Amazon we think big, experiment, and invest in new ideas to delight customers,” an Amazon spokesperson said in an emailed statement. “We also continually evaluate the progress and potential of our products and services to deliver customer value, and we regularly make adjustments based on those assessments. Following a recent review, we’ve made the decision to consolidate a few teams so we can focus on the growth and scaling of Amp.”

Amazon is working with affected employees to identify other internal job opportunities.

The company first revealed the new iOS app in beta in March, touting Amp as a way to give DJs their own live radio shows complete with a catalog of millions of licensed songs and the ability to engage with callers.

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