AND Digital Lays off 240 employees


Employees have been told they will be contacted within 2 days if they are departing, one staff member stated in a letter. Another stated that job losses from layoffs could total “around 240,” or roughly 15–19 persons “per club.” Also known as “clubs,” digital offices.

That was verified online by the internal communications and engagement lead at And Digital, who stated:

“Each club is a separate “establishment,” according to UK law, and given that our clubs are autonomous. Clubs that are negatively affected are aiming to cut their costs by the equivalent of 15 to 19 ANDis, whilst clubs that are performing and making accurate forecasts are not.

The gap in time between when ANDis in the impacted clubs learned whether they face redundancy risk and when they learned if they have been provisionally selected is meant to allow time for the selection criteria to be fairly applied to all ANDis at risk. This complies with UK legal requirements. It’s difficult to go through a redundancy procedure, so we had hoped we’d never have to. As soon as ANDis learns if they have been provisionally chosen, the consultation process will start. This is how a redundancy process typically operates, and it is highly regulated for good reason.

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