Infosys Lays off 600 employees


Infosys is firing hundreds of new employees who failed an internal fresher assessment (FA) test. The Indian IT technology business dismissed 600 interns.

According to reports, Infosys is letting go of 600 recent hires after they failed the internal exam. “I received training for the SAP ABAP stream when I first began working at Infosys in August of last year. Only 60 of the 150 members of my team passed the FA test. All of the rest of us were fired two weeks ago.

” I received a job offer from Infosys, one of the best IT companies in India, but my future still seems dark. Because of all the waiting and lack of revenue over the previous few months, I already have a gap in my resume. Additionally, Infosys has not provided any details on the timing for onboarding. The publication was contacted by a candidate awaiting onboarding at Infosys who said, “And now that some of my friends who got hired are getting fired, it makes me feel scared about my prospects because it was always thought that the IT sector is a mass recruiter and there are always opportunities, but it is changing.”

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