Niantic Lays off 8% Workforce – 90 Employees

Niantic, the company behind Pokemon Go has laid off 8% of its total workforce. Letting go 90 employees after canceling 4 projects that were on the floors of the development.

The layoffs as reported by Bloomberg mention that the company is canceling Transformers, 2x Blue Sky, and Snowball (Codenamed projects).

Pokemon Go got all the fame for Niantic and the game has the most username for the company even after 6 years of its release.

Company’s Note

This means we can focus on our most important priorities, including Pokémon Go and a select set of new experiences, as well as the Lightship platform. This increased focus, as well our strong core business, puts us in a position to weather the broader economic uncertainty many companies are facing and continue investing in the future of AR.


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